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photo by: Mateusz Mosiej                                                                                                                                                                                             

 photo by: Marc Perlish

 the Rob Denty  Tim Mulvenna  Duo deeply personal for both of us.  We set out with no agenda except to express the shared influences of our varied and diverse backgrounds.


Rob Denty and Tim Mulvenna have played together in many different configurations for the last 15 years.  The Duo has organically transformed and evolved into what it is today.  It has been a very natural process.  Always striving to put the music first, the Duo entertains any idea or concept that is brought in and gives it a fair try—sometimes with discomfort and sometimes with great discovery.  We believe that there is no substitute for putting in the hard work and persistence of  rehearsal which makes a group a group.  We hope to create unique music that cannot come from any other method.


Our first recording, Duo Plus, Vol. 1, is the product of these labors.  It consists of 14 songs of which 13 are original compositions.  It features Tim Mulvenna on drums, percussion, mallet-kat synth, and vibraphone.  Rob Denty played saxophones and synth and recorded, mixed, and mastered the CD.  


The recording was an opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded musicians.    The Duo was pleased to work with Rebekah Cope - violin, Jim Baker - piano and ARP synth, John Ericson - piano, David Kemper - electric bass, Matt Thompson - acoustic and electric bass, and Tom Vaitsas - piano, organ, and keyboards.  






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